Restaurant General Manager

Company Name:
Patrice and Associates Franchising Inc
Restaurant General Manager
$55,000 - $65,000 based on experience
Bonus potential up to 20%

Position Summary: The General Manager is responsible for the entire business operation and performance of the assigned establishment within the guidelines and parameters of the DESTIHL business model and policies. A Restaurant General Manager uses past performance, market conditions and strategic planning to forecast supply and demand. He or she coordinates all activities including management, guest relations and marketing to ensure efficiency and profitability. The position requires significant experience in various facets of the restaurant industry or related field and/or a degree in a related field.
Reports to: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

1. Responsible for ensuring that the store is sufficiently staffed and supplied to effectively operate on a daily basis.
2. Assist in preparing and submitting departmental budgets to the CEO and CFO for approval.
3. Manage and control food and beverage costs, labor and controllable expenses.
4. Assign, oversee and evaluate work of subordinates. Recommend promotion, raises, transfer or termination of employees based on performance evaluation to the COO.
5. Prepare, control and monitor labor schedules in accordance with budgeted costs and daily checkbooks.
6. Perform and/or oversee day-to-day product ordering, taking and checking in deliveries & receipts, storage and issuing of all food, beverage, smallwares, small equipment, cleaners, paper and other daily supplies for the unit while also taking all reasonable measures to minimize cost, waste and theft. Although particular products, services and vendors are generally selected by upper management, the General Manager may suggest or recommend alternatives for such products, vendors or services.
7. Control spending, waste and inefficiency so that food, beverage and supply costs remain within budget limitations.
8. Investigate, drill down, track and resolve problems regarding food and beverage orders, production and inventory costs.
9. Control, track and account for all cash receipts and petty cash.
10. Prepare end of period reports to the CEO, COO and CFO detailing the unit's operations for the preceding period, including but not limited to store performance (e.g., explanations of sales, costs and expenses from the EOP P&L's and budget comparisons), any significant operational issues or needs, marketing issues or needs, local or industry trends, problem areas, major or recurring repairs or warranty work, major incidents, accidents or claims, guest feedback, major charity requests or events, large expenses incurred or to be incurred, accomplishments, improvements, plans, goals, tasks, employee matters (including disciplinary actions, reviews, recommendations for promotions or raises, injuries, workers compensation claims or unemployment claims not previously reported), upcoming or concluded events, and other highlights worth noting.

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